Nieuws over marketing

Het commerciële domein omvat de vakgebieden marketing, sales en communicatie. Media zijn our middle name en er wordt dan ook veel gepubliceerd door vakgenoten en over de vakgebieden. Hieronder vind je verschillende publicaties geschreven door en voor NIMA Members, maar ook nieuws over marketing, publicaties van NIMA zelf en bijdragen van onze mediapartners.

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De Bijenkorf Beste Nederlandse Marketingbedrijf

Gisteren vond het grootste marketingfeest van Nederland plaats. Met maar liefst 450 marketeers was de tweede editie van de Dutch Marketing Awards opnieuw een groot succes voor de organisatie. Een samenwerking tussen NIMA, Adfo Groep en PIM ondersteund door MEC en Marketing Associatie Nederland. Dutch Marketing Awards 2016: ‘Keizerin van retail durfde scherpe keuzes te …

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Maximising ROI in digital marketing

  Digital marketing is far from perfect in terms of measurement and execution, but there are a number of solutions that marketers can adopt to maximise their return on investment (ROI), according to a leading industry figure. Gian Fulgoni, co-founder and executive chairman emeritus of comScore,highlighted four particular areas where marketers need to take care, …

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Heineken promotes top marketer Søren Hagh to Italy managing director

  Heineken has promoted its global marketing director Søren Hagh to managing director in Italy, making him the second marketing chief within the company to have been made a country MD. Hagh has been with Heineken since 2013, when he joined as executive director global marketing. Previously, Hagh held positions at L’Oréal, Diageo and Lego. Heineken …

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Why creativity in the digital age means brands are always in beta

  Digital advances have solved many everyday problems and have streamlined design, but also brought fresh challenges that demand new paths to innovation. Rebecca Coleman looks at how to balance art and science for ideas that cut through the noise. Samuel Beckett’s quote “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better” …

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Successful B2B Marketers Know Customer Experience Is a Three-Legged Stool

  In the business-to-consumer (B2C) world, support typically happens after a company has earned a customer and relates almost exclusively to an individual’s relationship with a product. Another characteristic of B2C customer service that differs from business-to-business (B2B) is that support is often problem-focused. For example, if a consumer buys a malfunctioning kitchen appliance, he …

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What marketers can learn from the economy of convenience

  If you think about it, money is a ridiculous concept. Without going into a William Jennings Bryan gold standard history lesson, let’s just say the idea that I can hold this thing, this little cloth rectangle of varying denomination, and exchange it for tangible goods and services is, at the very least, a system …

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What Type of Marketing Manager Are You?

When you are managing marketing resources for your company with limited staff and budget, you can feel a lot like Matt Damon in the movie The Martian: alone. Just like Matt stranded on Mars, if you want to survive in a less-than-ideal situation, you have to come up with solutions to the myriad challenges that …

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12 vragen over Contentmarketing

Auteur: Truus Koppelaar, bestuurslid NIMA B2B Het Expertiseplatform NIMA B2B vormt hét platform voor professionals die voortdurend zoeken naar optimalisering in B2B marketing. Donderdag 26 maart (16.30 – 20.00 uur) vindt bij AFAS Software te Leusden het seminar ‘van leadgeneratie naar leadinspiratie’ plaats. Ter voorbereiding geef ik antwoord op 12 vragen om mijn spreekbeurt over …

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