Break down those silos and soon you’ll be able to own a single customer experience

Silos in organisations have long been a significant barrier to marketers and their ability to deliver smooth and seamless customer experiences.

The simple fact is that if one channel is run by one team and another by a separate team, and the two have no integrated KPIs, the way a customer interacts with the brand across those two channels is going to be disjointed.

The recent 2016 Digital Marketer Report found silos in organisations continue to be a problem, especially for big businesses with multiple channels and larger teams.

According to the survey, 59% of enterprise marketers work in teams broken out by channel and are 54% more likely to rank “facilitating alignment” their top priority.

Why are silos an issue?

Silos in your marketing approach are a huge barrier to being able to deliver seamless customer journeys.  This is because modern marketing requires brands to communicate intelligently with their customers. Not as a multitude of different voices but as one single entity.

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