GDPR is goed, blockchain is beter

In marketing en sales zijn twee elementen essentieel: aandacht en vertrouwen. Aandacht van klanten is steeds lastiger te krijgen, en klanten vragen zich op hun beurt af of bedrijven nog wel te vertrouwen zijn met hun gegevens. Waarom zouden anders grootschalige GDPR-acties nodig zijn? Er is een oplossing: door ontwikkelingen op het gebied van blockchain kunnen klanten steeds beter het heft in eigen hand nemen voor de controle en bescherming van hun data.

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Advertising’s uncanny valley: The personalisation tightrope

The recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal is a prime example of this – data being skimmed from users who were unaware and without their permission – but this is a symptom of a wider problem. Witness Alexa’s cackle and the ongoing paranoia that the likes of Amazon and Google are listening in on our conversations. There’s an entire thread on Reddit dedicated just to this . We’ve reached this ‘uncanny valley’ point, and we’re starting to make people uncomfortable, particularly large swathes of the general public who don’t know how their data is used by the advertising industry.

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Email marketing is undergoing something of a “rebirth”

Email marketing may not be seen as the most exciting channel – it is often referred to as a little tired and uninspiring – but nevertheless it remains central to many brands’ communications strategies. And while some predicted its demise a few years ago when social media became increasingly dominant, its death is by no means imminent.

In fact, thanks to the arrival of new technologies, which are making it “more interesting and engaging”, email is experiencing something of a revival, according to Saul Lopes, customer lifecycle lead at Virgin Holidays.

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De ultieme checklist voor de GDPR

Nu 2018 begonnen is, komt de deadline echt dichtbij. Vanaf 25 mei moeten alle organisaties zich houden aan de nieuwe privacywetgeving: de Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG / GDPR). Deze wet vervangt de huidige Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens en stelt strengere eisen aan de manier waarop persoonsgegevens worden verwerkt. Voor deel 10 van deze blogserie hebben wij als legal counsels van brancheorganisatie DDMA een ultieme AVG-checklist opgesteld met de 10 belangrijkste punten.

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Pritchard: mass one-to-one marketing is coming

Procter & Gamble is planning to increase investment in what Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, calls one-to-one marketing at scale.

In an exclusive interview with WARC, Pritchard said he was encouraged by the progress on media transparency made by the digital industry during 2017 as he reported that all P&G’s agencies now have transparent contracts “because we’ve really gone through every one of them”. (WARC subscribers can read the full interview in WARC’s Toolkit 2018.)

He also welcomed the steps made by the major tech brands to improve viewability metrics and to open themselves up to third-party measurement.

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Your 2018 Marketing Plan Won’t Work and Will Break the Law: The Threat Posed by GDPR

Marketing departments may not realize the seismic impact a new regulation will have on their plans for 2018. And if they don’t begin planning today, CMOs may discover that after May 25, 2018, their teams will not be able to execute campaigns and activities in the way they used to—at least not without facing the risk of legal action against their companies resulting in dramatic penalties and brand damage.

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‘64% van de bedrijven nog niet klaar voor nieuwe privacywet’

Nederlandse bedrijven beseffen dat de nieuwe Europese privacywet (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming) veel impact gaat hebben op de eigen bedrijfsvoering, maar slechts 36 procent is op schema met de voorbereiding op deze nieuwe Europese privacywet. Dat ontdekte de DDMA, de brancheorganisatie voor data en marketing, die onderzoek deed onder 75 Nederlandse ondernemingen.

De Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG, ook wel bekend onder de Engelse afkorting GDPR) gaat 25 mei 2018 in. Uit het DDM-onderzoek blijkt

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Holiday Email Marketing Trends and Tips for 2017 From the Experts

There’s still plenty of autumn left, but you can already feel the holiday season approaching.

And while you might think that you still have plenty of time to launch your holiday email marketing campaign, the truth is that the time to prepare is now—at least if you want to get the most of this holiday season.

So, to help you out, we have compiled some of the best holiday email marketing tips from the experts that will help you make this year’s holiday the best yet!

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Data-driven marketing and advertising grows

As marketers everywhere accept that data is now essential to their work, they are spending more on data-driven marketing and advertising (DDMA) and getting better at evaluating its effectiveness, a new study says.

The Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising from the GDMA trade body was based on an online survey of 3,283 thought leaders in the advertising, marketing, media and technology industries in 18 countries, .

This reported that eight in ten regarded customer data as being critical to their marketing and advertising efforts.

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