What Type of Marketing Manager Are You?

When you are managing marketing resources for your company with limited staff and budget, you can feel a lot like Matt Damon in the movie The Martian: alone. Just like Matt stranded on Mars, if you want to survive in a less-than-ideal situation, you have to come up with solutions to the myriad challenges that arise every day. Your department’s achievement of its goals—and even your company’s bottom line—depends on it.

 But you’re not alone, at least in a wider sense. Other marketers in positions like yours at other companies feel much like you do, especially since marketing team leaders now have more to do than ever. Marketers’ challenges continue to grow. As Forrester vice president and principal analyst Sheryl Pattek said in a blog post, “Marketers live in a brave new world where customer understanding and the ability to provide value to customers in their buying journey across the exploding number of engagement channels are now the name of the game. And now technology is everywhere, touching all of these aspects of marketing and more.”

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