Worried graduates should still choose a marketing career

Finishing a university degree is a tense and stressful period in any young person’s life. A melting pot of final exams. The pressure of choosing a career path, then finding your first job. And the ultimate prize of having to pay back the exorbitant tuition fees that allowed you to enjoy higher education in the first place.

But this year, things are even tougher, with the uncertainty around whether students will be able to collect a degree at all – and whether anyone will be hiring if they do.

According to TopUniversities.com, some courses may be deferred, other students will have their degree estimated from coursework and previous exam grades, and some will have to sit their finals online. It’s a mire, and one that’s likely to continue once you leave your friends, switch off daytime TV and attempt to beat the herd to claim your first job.

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